I have been working on these chairs.  I got them free, yes free, on Craig’s list this summer. And they have been patiently sitting in my garage among the jumble of other junk in there. Waiting. And waiting.

So, I am having guests over this weekend, and since I sold my old set of chairs to make room for these, if I don’t finish them this week, they will have nothing to sit on when we dine. (My husband liked the idea of TV trays in the living room. I said, UH, NO.)

So I am quickly writing up this post and then getting to work. Nearly done now. I hope to post a tutorial on how I made the transformation. Chalk paint has been all the rage on DIYers on the web, and I LOVE it! Lots of people buy the ready made stuff, but I make my own because, well, I already had Plaster of Paris, and it’s cheaper any way. I’ll tell you my recipe and how it works.

Here is the before of the chairs as I received them. The other items were from my pickings that day. The little pink laughing pig sold in our shop, but the vintage portable liquor case is up for sale right now in our eBay store, 4CornersNewEngland. Let me know if you are interested.

Off I go!