Fall is here and what do you think?

Pumpkin Jack dances in

With a twinkle and a wink

Pumpkin Jack

Pumpkin Jack

One of my passions is making art dolls.  Jack’s design is based on vintage Halloween decorations, which I love.

My interest in doll making actually began with making Halloween props where I learned about proportions and techniques.

Jack is the culmination of those interests.

Jack Closeup Collage


Jack wears an aubergine coat with tails and button accents and evergreen leotards.  With his gold woven belt, and ebony black gloves and boots, he makes a dashing fellow,

ready to put a smile on your face and steal your heart.

Jack was made using Creative Paper Clay on a wire and aluminum armature, hand painted with acrylic craft paints, sealed with Mod Podge for a durable finish, and mounted on a custom created base.

He is a one of a kind creation.  No molds were used or taken of this doll.  Signed and dated.


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