I’ve been creating a lot of art projects, and not a lot of working on the house lately.  So if you are looking for French Farmhouse posts, I do apologize, and please bear with me.  My life is multi-faceted and my home is only one part of what I do.  I will do some posts that will appeal to the French Farmhouse lovers out there.  I promise!

This project was for a dear friend of mine who just reached the BIG 5-0.  She is also going through some really trying times right now and needing to be very brave for a loved one, so I wanted to create something special for her.


I started with a 9 x 12 canvas and worked from there.  I created the hummingbird from Creative Paper Clay (found at most craft stores or on Amazon) over a foil and cardboard armature, and then attached it onto the canvas which I had added layers of papers and paint and using stencils to create the effects.  I also cut the canvas to create a space to attach the hand made paper roses made from card stock loosely using directions found on Live the Dream blog.  I don’t have a punch to create the petals, so I made my own template and cut them out by hand.  A little more time consuming, but until I find a punch like this one that I can use a 50% off coupon on, that’s the way I roll!

I hope this gives someone inspiration to play and create their own personalized gifts.  A little ingenuity can provide good results!

Have a great inspirational day everyone!

(P.S. I do not get compensated for any products I mention in this article.)