Green Witch Spell Book Journal

I could have sworn I wrote a post about this, but I guess I was dreaming. Mushrooms will do that to you (or so I’ve heard!) This is a photograph I took in the forest which was my inspiration for the journal.

I have created gifts for friends, the grandkids, etc but I hadn’t made a special gift for my daughter. Go figure! So last fall with a milestone birthday coming up, I created this journal for her to start writing poetry again. It was something she used to do and had not been practicing in a while.

Front cover of the Green Witch Spellbook with Metal Butterfly clasp

My daughter has an interest in herbal medicines and natural healing and “good witch” vibe things, so when I saw this paper at Michaels craft store, I thought of her. Of course, they are no longer offering this paper and I wish they were!

Papers included images of skulls and crows
Hidden Booklet within the Journal

The journal started with a piece of cardboard that was inside a set of sheets I purchased. I use recycled materials in my projects when I can, so this cardboard, already folded right where I needed it, was a no brainer.

I used the purchased papers along with print outs of images from the Graphics Fairy, off the web, and out of junk mail to create some tags, booklets and other surfaces to write on.

Faux Specimen Cards with Journal Space on Back
Images off Social Media were used to Create the Girl with Crows which merged perfectly with the theme.
Dried flowers behind a window graces the cover of the little Green Magic folio.

There are three signatures (sections) made of old manila file folders, each signature has blank pages inside for writing which have been aged and embellished with handmade stamp designs. The pages in each signature are removable so they can be removed and replaced when filled up.

Eco-Dyed watercolor paper was used for these tags

These tags are made from eco-dyed paper I made a while back using sumac and other botanical specimens in an iron bath which worked perfectly with the theme.

Dried flowers, feathers, and beads embellish the journal.

Feather and bead dangles adorn the spine and can be removed

I so enjoyed making this journal for her and she seemed quite happy with the results.

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