Sunny, Sunflower Pixie Art Doll

Pixies aren’t fairies, fairies aren’t pixies. Fairies have wings, pixies generally don’t.

Sunny is a flower pixie, full of flower power.

Sunny climbed out of my vase and into my heart.

Her ragged clothes are typical of pixies. The embroidered embellishments are the pixie’s way of mending clothes. Where do you think the Japanese learned sashiko mending in the first place? Her outfit was inspired by 70’s flower child.

I recently took a couple of courses from artists, Idania Salcido and Colleen Colquhoun. These ladies were amazing instructors, and I incorporated lessons learned in creating this doll. She is a combination of a cloth doll and a sculpted doll, made differently than the way I usually make my dolls, and so much fun!

Sunny’s face, hands and legs are sculpted from paper clay, hand painted and sealed with a matte varnish.

Her bright yellow flower petals were made from eco-dyed cotton cloth, using turmeric for the dye. How fun is that bold yellow?! Her skirt, upper limbs, and head piece are created from an actual 70’s velvet patchwork vest, and embroidered by me. You might recall some of this same velvet used for my elves, Maude and Remi. I have a bit more of this lovely jewel toned velvet scraps to use in the future. Her upper torso is a scrap from some vintage embroidered linen and dyed with a coffee stain.

Sunny can be posed many different ways and her head turns.

I hope she brightens your day.

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