Mixed Media Projects

She said no to the dress.  She said that is not who she is.

This project went in a totally different direction.

She was Persephone, the Goddess of the Underworld. Captured by Hades, her mother, Demeter, cast a curse on the land.  No crops would grow until her daughter was returned to her.  After some deliberation,  Hades allows her to return to the world to bring us spring, and then she must return to him and fall begins.

Her upper arms are pressed birch leaves and her upper legs are covered in birch bark, representing the trees in the fall when she must return to the Underworld.

Her torso is covered in custom molded paper clay objects, and dried flowers, including lily of the valley, Goddess symbols for her, painted in pale green.  Her head is adorned in grape vine wreath with crystals, a gem associated with her.

Persephone can sit, stand on her own, but also has a custom stand.





I’m so excited to have this next piece of art completed!  My first work using paper maché as the primary medium!  The project was inspired by the swan decoys I kept seeing in examples of French Country home decor photos on Pinterest.  I wanted one but didn’t want to pay the high prices.

Then I got to thinking about the pair of nesting swans in the conservation area that is behind my house.  This area, Salem Woods, is such a gift for this city.  It is a slice of wilderness in the middle of an urban area and I get to enjoy it’s benefits every day.  I hike in these woods and go to the pond to watch the ducks, geese and swans.  The pond is a haven for so many types of wildlife.

Because of this, I wanted to pay tribute and make more people aware of this hidden gem through my art. So, I got to work and this is what I accomplished.

I also wanted to create some mixed media surprises in this sculpture so the wings open to expose a little world.

The little accordion books fit into the little spaces inside the wings.

Each book page has some of my favorite things about the woods created with various mixed media techniques.  90% of the entire piece is recycled materials-newspaper, cereal boxes, and even candy wrappers.

This artwork will be entered into the upcoming Salem Art Association show.  I’ll be happy to keep it if it comes back home!




“So, what have you been doing?”  I’ve had that question a lot lately.  It’s a hard question to answer sometimes when you’re not busy with a job or activities that most people have to fill up their days.

I have been doing me.  Taking some time to assess where I am going.  Most people don’t have that luxury and I am grateful for it.  But enough of the philosophical.

I took a really nice online course for mixed media through the Graphics Fairy taught by Heather Tracy from Thicketworks.  I learned some great techniques that ended up helping me to complete a project that was sitting on the shelf for a few months nearly a year as I waited for the inspiration to complete it.


You might remember my little friend from a previous post, but now I have finished his little time machine.  I am so in love with this, but it will be submitted in my first “Call to Artists” in a couple of weeks with the Salem Arts Association.

Go to the link here to see the video of the time machine and discover the little surprise it has inside.


img_2739 img_2740 img_2741 img_2748






I’ve been creating a lot of art projects, and not a lot of working on the house lately.  So if you are looking for French Farmhouse posts, I do apologize, and please bear with me.  My life is multi-faceted and my home is only one part of what I do.  I will do some posts that will appeal to the French Farmhouse lovers out there.  I promise!

This project was for a dear friend of mine who just reached the BIG 5-0.  She is also going through some really trying times right now and needing to be very brave for a loved one, so I wanted to create something special for her.


I started with a 9 x 12 canvas and worked from there.  I created the hummingbird from Creative Paper Clay (found at most craft stores or on Amazon) over a foil and cardboard armature, and then attached it onto the canvas which I had added layers of papers and paint and using stencils to create the effects.  I also cut the canvas to create a space to attach the hand made paper roses made from card stock loosely using directions found on Live the Dream blog.  I don’t have a punch to create the petals, so I made my own template and cut them out by hand.  A little more time consuming, but until I find a punch like this one that I can use a 50% off coupon on, that’s the way I roll!

I hope this gives someone inspiration to play and create their own personalized gifts.  A little ingenuity can provide good results!

Have a great inspirational day everyone!

(P.S. I do not get compensated for any products I mention in this article.)